Our founder

the marketing

We'll be the BEST in town at all we do!

Unmatched customer service and value!

Our "Continue to Support Your Troops" campaign.

​Bridging the campus and local communities.

Making Daily Life An Awesome Experience!

the value

Provide over-the-top customer service in everything we do. Since our focus is not on the bottom line but providing opportunities, we will have the personnel to handle every need to the highest standard. 

The customer

Focused around growing college campuses, with students as the target customer for apartment rentals and amenities. Virtually recession-proof; they need housing and want food, fun and entertainment. 

the vision

Create a true "Win-Win-Win-Win" situation!

Contributors feel good knowing they are making a positive difference, we fulfill our mission, veterans get opportunities, and local communities are improved.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our website and I hope that you will support this important initiative! I am going to speak to you in a very frank manner here. I'm just a regular guy trying to make a positive difference in the world. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not an expert in business or philanthropy or that I have all the answers (I don't) but that will not stop us from pushing forward and bringing the right people together to figure it out. The issues of veteran unemployment and veteran suicide are too critically important to just stand by and hope it gets better. We must take action now and I believe I've figured out a way to make a huge impact in a sustainable way. What I call a true Win-Win-Win-Win situation! We just need to find the funding to get it started. I realize that there are many important causes out there but I ask you to consider where this one lies on your list of importance and priority. 

To me, success in life is feeling good, having fun and being happy! Coming from a lower middle class upbringing in rural Indiana and enlisting in the Army right out of high school, expectations and odds of huge success were probably not very high for me. I am very fortunate to have made some good investment decisions in my life. By far the best decision was to invest my time serving our great nation and, after 26 years in the Army, I find myself comfortably retired and 

the scalability

The first location is planned for West Lafayette, IN at Purdue University. We plan to replicate the entire package at other Big10 schools, then expand to other major conferences nationwide. The sky is the limit!

Veteran unemployment is a real problem and so are the consequences! Together we can fix it!

the business

Construct large mixed-use buildings, apartment rentals sustain the overhead of all the facilities and reduce risk, create our own systems and branding for each commercial sub-entity business.

financially independent, by my own meager standard of living. To help put that into perspective, I live in a modest house, built in 1962, and I've never purchased a brand new vehicle. I currently drive a 10 year-old Jeep but it looks and runs okay and it's paid for. I don't really care what the Joneses think of me and I have no desire to try to keep pace with them! To clarify, I am not independently wealthy and I don't have a high net worth but I guess you could say that my "ends meet."  I don't mention this to gloat or brag because I'm only in my mid-40s and I can sit on my hands for the rest of my life, if I chose to do so. No, I mention it to drive home the fact that my primary reason for doing this is not for money and my own personal gain. To me, the difference between $1 million and $10 million is pretty much a zero...it just really wouldn't make that much of a difference in the way I live my life. I've already traveled the world to a great extent (been to every continent except Antarctica), living most of my adult life overseas (some places were better than others) so, that's not on my bucket list. Purpose vs. profit; there is no exit strategy for me in this venture...other than the box at the end of the journey!

I have thought a lot about this project in the years leading up to my retirement and have worked diligently to put a solid plan together since retiring in 2016. We have an architect and building plan and the land identified that we want to build our flagship building on (met the owners; available for sale). Almost everyone who has heard me explain the concept thinks that the business model is sound and it would be very lucrative if I could ever get it going. However, many have scoffed at me when I explain my concept and say that it will never happen. "Where are you going to get the money to start such a project that's not about profits and the bottom line?" Frankly, I didn't have the answer but I saw it as just another problem and all problems have a solution.

Then one day I had an epiphany while watching some YouTube videos on the topic of philanthropy. I heard all these ultra high net worth people talking about giving away most of their fortunes. I'm talking about people who have a net worth in the billions...no need to name them here, you know who you are and I hope that you are reading this. I think that money is out there waiting to support this idea...it just needs to find us. This grass roots crowd funding initiative might get us there or at least some of the way there but I feel that there is what I call an "Angel Partner" out there just looking for an opportunity to get involved with something like this. So, for all of the high net worth individuals in this country, here is an opportunity for you that is pretty straight forward. 

Partner with us, help us finance the start up of this project and you will make the world a better place by giving our deserving veterans hope and purpose. People who have fought, bled and sacrificed for the freedom and security that you've enjoyed while you were busy making or inheriting your fortunes. Saying it like that, I want to iterate that I don't hate...I congratulate you on your success. It just seems as though it is often taken for granted and people either forget or don't fully realize that it doesn't come without a price. Think about this and be honest...would you want your son or daughter to serve in the military or is that something for other people's kids to do? Now, if that shoe fits, wear it but here is an opportunity for you to do something memorable and significant. And best of all, it actually wouldn't even have to cost you anything in the end. This is not intended to be some sort of welfare system and we don't really expect a full free ride or a handout of all the funding we need; although that would be nice. We will work hard and can pay back your personal investment with interest or you can "let it ride" and expedite the growth and opportunities for our veterans. Or perhaps you can just back us with securing a commercial bank loan and, once again, not cost you anything in the end. Perhaps your legal teams can help us figure out the 501(c) riddle and support us through the various foundations that you've established. We are open to any and all ideas and suggestions that lead to success with the vision. Am I looking for an "easy button" to get the funding? You can say that but time is the only true asset we have in this world whether you have a $90 billion net worth or you're $10 million in debt. I'm all for time efficiency and keeping the process as simple as possible.

The overwhelming majority of veterans I know would never put their hand out and ask for help. When it comes to life after the military, it can be difficult to translate the skills of many veterans, like infantrymen, artillerymen, etc. to corporate America. This leads to the problem of under-employment. Veterans will aim lower and lower on the corporate ladder (many taking on multiple minimum-wage jobs) just to try to make ends meet. These men and women do have valuable skills and are not all meant to be truck drivers; not that driving a truck is a bad job if that's what you want to do. Without a solid emotional support system in place to help cope, like they had while in the military, too many are saying that it just isn't worth going on in this life. Our Team is based on veterans helping veterans. Just being around like-minded individuals who can relate is therapeutic. The bonds of camaraderie can help provide strength to overcome the lonely feelings of despair. Our company will provide that and so much more. Also, many patriotic Americans are eager to support our military veterans but they don't know how to do it or where to find them. We will work to bridge that divide as well.

Please reach out to us now for more information and help get this thing started...thanks! 

Gene Richards

U.S. Army (Retired)