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new WAY of philanthropy

With your help,we will directly employ and provide business ownership opportunities to those who most deserve it...our veterans.

What could be more important than this?

We believe that in the richest, most powerful country on earth, it is shameful that our proud military veterans continually fall behind the general public by age category in employment. All the success, wealth, and power enjoyed in the United States of America was made possible under the security and freedom provided by these brave men and women. We also believe that most veterans do not want a handout but an opportunity and we think they deserve it. We value their skills, professionalism and leadership and we believe that gainful employment will help give purpose in their lives and a sense of belonging on our Team and in society.   


Only charitable contributions to certified non-profit, 501(c) organizations will get you a tax deduction. Since we do not currently have a 501(c) designation, your contribution will have to be about feeling good in knowing that you are making a positive difference in the world. Keep in mind that we are trying to "crack the code" on 501(c) status but, in the meantime, we are driving forward.

"It is what it is!" 


We understand the anxiety and frustration you are going through because we have all been there ourselves. If you don't know what you are going to do next and are looking for an opportunity, send us an e-mail. Best of all, we don't require you to translate your skills and experience into a civilian resume. Just send us your DD Form 214, your last few evaluation reports and let us know what your interests, goals and plans are. Keep in mind that we are not operational yet but this website will change once we are. Also, if going to college is in your plan, we just might be the perfect fit as we are close to campus.

Veteran unemployment is a real problem and so are the consequences! Together we can fix it!


purpose to those



Our take on philanthropy. Sometimes free fish is necessary, for instance sending food and medical supplies to emergency situations like Hurricane Katrina victims and we fully endorse such initiatives. Once that money is spent; however, it is gone. Most charities don't tend to get after the root cause of the problems they are are addressing, they assist with the symptoms. We prefer to provide fishing poles instead of fish in order to fix the problem in a sustained manner. Similarly, we are not asking for fish but a fishing pole. Your assistance will go directly to to purchase infrastructure that will quickly become self-sustaining and grow on it's own in perpetuity...your gift will endure indefinitely!


We welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded individuals and companies. So, if you are a high net worth individual looking to give back to the community, first, I'd like to congratulate you on the financial successes that you've made in this country...great job! And second, I want to invite you to reach out and make contact with us. We realize that there are countless unfilled needs in the world that you can choose to get involved with. We will deliver tangible results with full accountability, transparency and feedback.  

Modern Freedom Lifestyle, social responsibility in business, Purpose vs. Profit! 


MFL, LLC is not another "self-licking ice cream" organization that sells itself as a non-profit but mostly supports themselves with high internal administrative costs; not that all non-profits operate like this but you get the idea and can probably easily imagine the ones I'm referring to without me having to call them out by name. We DO NOT "help" veterans look for work, provide another work shop, or encourage under-employment and then have huge lavish conferences in Las Vegas. We actually create jobs and business ownership opportunities in lucrative service-based businesses that facilitate upward mobility. We are veterans ourselves and we understand and value what our former military members bring to the table. We do not merely give handouts...we provide opportunities. Our Team consists of veterans who can relate to the challenges of post-combat transition and provide the bonding, camaraderie and support that they once were accustomed to on active duty...we get it because we've been there!

Although we are a socially responsible company, MFL, LLC is structured as "for-profit" because aspects of some of our business entities will include alcohol sales, such as in a bar/restaurant. Factors such as this and the mountain of red tape make 501(c) status problematic. So, we'll pay taxes like a regular for-profit company but profits will go directly into providing more opportunities and growth.  



We live by the values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. This initiative is not a scam! We are real people just like you and everything we say that we are going to do is just that.


Banks require 20-30% down and personal equity to cover the loan. We don't currently have enough of either to start our project.

Modern Freedom Lifestyle (MFL), LLC is a socially responsible business. Purpose vs. Profit! Getting after veteran unemployment and veteran suicide.

Started in West Lafayette, Indiana by Gene Richards. Veterans for veterans. Financial support through philanthropy, charity donations needed.


100% of your contribution THAT WE RECEIVE will go directly to the exceptions! Please note that all donations made through this site will incur a small percentage deduction as an administrative service charge by the processing company...NOT US. If you wish to avoid paying this fee, you can mail a check or money order directly to us at the address below, at the bottom of the page.


stop veteran


MFL, LLC provides a new way of living, the highest quality of life, for both our customers (primarily college students) and our Team members (military veterans) by creating the safest, most convenient and fun place to live and work (new mixed-use buildings) while also conducting philanthropic endeavors in the local communities; creating the place where everyone would like to be…all the time! 

veterans for veterans


MFL, LLC is a start-up company that needs funding to get it up and running. Since we are fundamentally a "brick and mortar" service-based business, it is very difficult to "start small" and build up without a significant amount of start-up capital. Our crowd funding initiative here is intended to help build the physical building and infrastructure. Our expectation is to be self-sustaining and profitable within weeks of the first facility opening. Additional funding contributions from people like you will expedite our growth and expansion to future locations around the country and will facilitate exponential growth in job opportunities.   


VCs primary purpose in investing is to make money; "10X" return or better. Nothing wrong with that but our model is not attractive to them because we are not focused on the bottom line or how much can we make. Also, this is our calling in life and we plan to run this indefinitely; there is no exit strategy. Our focus is how much can we help and how many opportunities can we provide in a sustainable manner. 

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